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Cupcakes with caramel and nuts

Weight Ingredients
For cupcakes:
250 г Flour
94 г Zahar
30 г Almond flour
2 г Salt
125 г Butter
1 pc Eggs
For caramel:
150 г Zahar
300 г High-fat cream
60 г Corman cow butter
170 г Valrhona Zhivara 40%
40 г Nuts
40 г Peccani
40 г Hazelnuts
40 г Sham peanut
40 г Peanuts


Almond cupcakes: beat the powdered ingredients with the cold cubed butter. As soon as the mixture is completely smooth, add the cold eggs. Once you have an even batter refrigerate or spread immediately and bake 150°F. Caramel with nuts. Once you reach the desired caramel color, deglaze with the cream. Add the butter to the caramel and then let it cool to 70-75°C. Gradually pour the hot liquid over the chocolate stirring in the center with a rubber spatula to get a smooth, glossy and elastic texture, a sign of the emulsion well begun. Keep the texture until the end of the mixing. Add the roasted nuts. Finish. When the caramel has coated the nuts well (at about 25-28°C), fill the tart shells with about 70 g caramel and nuts. Leave the caramel to set.