Руло с Пекоринo Zanetti - EOS Horeca
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Pecorino Zanetti roll

Weight Ingredients
220 г Salami Bologna
600 г Ground pork
3 pcs. Eggs
200 г Bread (stale)
100 г Pecorino Zanetti cheese
to taste Parsley and oregano
3 p. l. Galette
100 г Skamorza cheese
100 г Salami Speck in cubes
to taste Butter
to taste Red wine
Mix salami Bologna with the meat. Let the bread soften in milk and when you have the right consistency, add it to the mixture along with two eggs, parmesan, minced parsley, breadcrumbs and a pinch of salt. Finally, add the pecorino cheese. In the stuffing thus formed, fill the scamorza and cubes of speck. Fry everything in a pan with a little oil and vegetables, simmer with the wine and cook for 40 minutes.