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Secrets of the Burger

1. Use quality fresh beef or beef (marbling) with a fat content between 15 - 20%. Prepared minced meat is not an option because it cannot impart the necessary juiciness to the burger.
2. Shape the raw burger with as little pressure as possible and keep the thickness to about 2 cm. The meat should be one idea larger in radius than the patty, given that it shrinks during baking.
3. Don't overdo the seasoning - salt and pepper are enough to bring out the good taste of the meat. Salt the meat before roasting.
4. A burger cooked on a grill is tastier than one cooked on a griddle. First grill on high heat, then move to lower. This will preserve the juiciness of the meat.
5. Make an indentation of about 0,5cm in the middle of the raw burger. This will keep its shape.
6. Grill for about 3 minutes per side (for medium rare). Do not press the meat with the spatula. The temperature in the finished meatball should be no less than 70 °C.
7. Cut the loaf in half and bake on each side so that it does not get wet when the additives are applied. You can brush it with garlic butter for extra flavour.
8. Don't compromise on the other ingredients for your burger. Quality mayonnaise and cheddar can only enhance the good taste of the meat.