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7 ways to improve your restaurant

It is the dream of restaurant owners to hear the clinking of glasses and plates, the joyful noise and the praise for their menu, long after the customers have left. We have no doubt that your establishment is great, but it's always good to evolve and exceed your accomplishments. And if you're a startup entrepreneur like this, you'll need a few helpful tips to improve your establishment.

Hire amazing staff

We know that finding staff is often a challenge. Your employees are the face, voice and first impression customers have of your establishment. Consider also that if you hire the right staff, you will save time and money in staff training. Therefore, do your best to hire the right people. The ones who will be amazing from day one not because they have experience and know how to do everything without much explaining. But because they are hardworking, dedicated, friendly, smiley, aware and conscientious, willing to learn and most importantly: they like the job and the workplace!

Contribute to the community

As part of society, it is good to contribute. Host a charity night. Sponsor a youth organization. Be a regular gathering place for a book club. Be part of a charity initiative. In addition to speaking well of your image, these types of activities give you the opportunity to meet good and influential contacts who typically move in these circles. It also opens doors for you: customers will remember you and associate you with another positive activity, besides preparing delicious food!

Think about the children too

Make parents who come to your establishment feel comfortable with their children. While it may not be possible to set up a play area everywhere, you can prepare. For example, when a family arrives for a table for 4, if possible offer them a table for 6 so the child has a place to play and do activities. Also make sure to provide the child with play materials: books, coloring books, pencils and crayons, etc. toys. But first ask the parents if they agree. Understand that even if you're a fancy and expensive restaurant, that doesn't stop you from taking care of your customers' children too - they'll appreciate it. For example, restaurants like Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill and two Michelin-starred restaurants like Le Gavroche are extremely welcoming to children.

Update your menu

Remember, you are running this establishment with a passion for food after all. It's good to enrich the taste range and track and discover new mouth-watering trends. Updating your menu over a period of time has many benefits: it keeps your kitchen team excited for culinary and creative challenges; it piques your customers' interest with new offerings; and perhaps most importantly: it prevents your restaurant from becoming stale. So roll up your sleeves and get inspired for new ideas and trends!

Be among your customers as an owner

As a restaurant owner, don't hesitate to mingle with your customers. But also not with the aim of monitoring the staff at every turn and making remarks. Rather, enjoy all the beauty and dignity you've managed to gather in one room. Walk the room with the customers, introduce yourself and ask for their feedback. People appreciate the attention and personal touch and care, it won't be long before you hear praise for your restaurant and staff. However, if you hear a complaint or dissatisfaction, do your best to resolve the issue as soon as possible!

Take care of the problem with timely courtesy

If a customer complains about a dish, make it up to them by offering a discount or something free from you. For example, if someone returns a steak because it wasn't cooked to their liking, don't put it on the bill. If it happens another time, offer him a free cocktail or dessert. As an owner, you have many tools to delight a customer. Take advantage, because it's a known fact that to appease an unhappy customer, you need to implement not just an adequate, but an impressive solution. As in other situations - your worst enemy can become your establishment's best friend!

Show that you think about your loyal customers

Your loyal customers are your fan club. They are attached to you not only because of the delicious food, but because of your whole image. They see something more in you. Hence, it behooves you to reciprocate. Offer them special tables, organize special events dedicated to them. This way you will demonstrate to them that you are not just willing to take, but also to give. And sometimes it doesn't cost much. For example, a sherry on their storey or a post in the restaurant would also make them very happy - it would make them feel noticed by you! Show them that you are thinking of them too - after all, love is a two-way street, or in your case, a table for two 😉 !




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