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Bridor - over 35 years of quality

Bridor is a bakery company founded by Louis Le Duff in 1988 and based in Brittany near Rennes, France.

True to its beliefs and values that have brought success to the company for over 35 years, Bridor seeks the best quality and authentic baking and pastry practices to satisfy its professional baker customers and help their development.

Tradition and modernity

Believing that bread occupies a foundational role in food and culinary, Bridor works tirelessly to reinvent and refine its products to align them with the needs and desires of professionals to make their jobs easier.

Diversity and culture

From French baguettes to delicious Scandinavian breads, from buttered croissants to Japanese red bean croissants, from Indian chapatis to Brazilian pão de queijo, Bridor is inspired to create exceptional products through the extensive experience of bakers and chefs from around the world. The company's products are always delicious and authentic, healthy and natural, always staying true to their origins.

Passion for baking

Since its inception, Bridor has been driven by its passion for baking namely, inventing and producing new recipes, accentuating a variety of flavours, ensuring high quality ingredients, combining large scale production with the virtuosity of baking expertise and maintaining all this with uncompromising quality and taste.

Commitment and responsibility

Bridor is committed to working sustainably with its partners, suppliers, customers and consumers to continue to offer high quality bakery products. Driven by a concern for the health and well-being of its customers, the quality of its product ingredients and the maintenance and protection of the environment, Bridor takes responsibility to conduct its business in accordance with these guidelines.

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