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Cacao Barry

More than 175 years of history

The Barry family began their adventure in 1842 when they traveled to Africa to seek out and collect a selection of cocoa beans, with the goal of making chocolate unlike any the world had ever tasted. Purchased by the enterprising La carré family in 1923, the company shot into the international market, investing in cocoa plantations, factories and communities on two continents - in Africa and South America - during the same time.

Vision and Mission

Cacao Barry has a wide range of products to meet the needs of every chef, and the company's philosophy is that everything it does has a simple purpose: striving to stimulate the creativity of chefs by unlocking the sensory richness of cacao.

Innovation and quality

Quality and innovation are at the heart of the brand's extensive experience.Cacao Barry carefully selects the best beans and seeks methods of innovation to innovate its ranges, doing so with respect for nature and cocoa farmers. Each product offers a bouquet of flavours that are unique to a very specific region, country or plantation.

Endless possibilities

Cocoa offers a multitude of options and possibilities for combining flavours - from classic recipes to revolutionary concepts and presentations, chefs can use chocolate to express their creativity.

Behind every idea and every new recipe is an inspiration. Inspiration that can come from our everyday lives, our passions outside the kitchen, but also through a subtle understanding of the world and what consumers need.


Nature and sustainability

As proud advocates of cocoa, Cacao Barry announces that as of October 1, 2020, 100% of the company's cocoa beans are harvested using environmentally friendly methods from sustainable sources.

Cacao Barry is making a collective commitment that is making a practical difference in improving the lives of farmers and contributing to environmental conservation.


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