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Le Monde des Crepes

The World of Pancakes

Located in the Côte d'Armor in northwest France, Le Monde des Crepes is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of types of crepes, crêpes, galettes and more. The company offers products specially adapted to the needs of the professional chef to help him offer the perfect breakfast or dessert, alone or part of a gourmet catering.

Quality and know-how

Chefs around the world work with Le Monde des Crepes products for their premium quality based on the use of fresh and precisely selected ingredients, as well as the company's creativity, built through careful observation and listening to the latest trends and needs in the food industry.

Commitment to quality

In order to offer the best products to the professional chef, Le Monde des Crepes produces its products using only natural recipes without additives, food coloring, palm oil, GMOs and uses only eggs from free range hens.

To ensure the highest possible quality, the company carefully selects ingredients and raw materials from local producers based on bilateral trust and long-standing contracts guaranteeing fair remuneration for farmers.

Process of production

Food quality and safety are a top priority at Le Monde des Crepes, and since its inception in 2007, the company has received a number of high standard accreditations.

Multiple quality checks are performed and recorded throughout the production chain and applied to raw materials, the manufacturing process, finished products and packaging.

History and tradition

Since 1982, Le Monde des Crepes has been producing crepes and galettes at Crêperie Jarnoux using the best traditional and authentic recipes.

In 2001, the company launched its frozen food range on the basis of its existing expertise, and in 2008 it opened its new factory, dedicated entirely to the production of frozen products, under the name Le Monde Des Crêpes.

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