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What is haute cuisine and why use it in your restaurant?

Relax - haute cuisine doesn't have much to do with higher maths. The former is a sophisticated form of torturing the mind through numbers. While haute cuisine aims for the exact opposite - it is a refined form of delivering pleasure and a holistic experience to the senses through food. Haute cuisine is the mastery of culinary creativity, combining the finest ingredients and products with creative technique and an attitude of food as an unforgettable journey of flavours.


Haute cuisine originated in France. It all started back in 1547 when Catherine de' Medici became Queen of France. She arrived with her entourage of chefs and winemakers from Florence and laid the foundations of haute cuisine.

During the French Revolution, most aristocrats, who until then had only had access to the experience of haute cuisine, found themselves on the streets. They were followed by their personal first-class chefs who knew how to turn adversity into advantage. It was they who opened thousands of new restaurants and imposed the quality of haute cuisine on the streets of Paris.


Haute cuisine also underwent its revolution after Michelin added a list of restaurants worth visiting to one of its guidebooks in 1923, and began rating restaurants with stars in 1931. Thus, with the advent of the Michelin star system and its popularisation, haute cuisine also became extremely famous and recognised. Later in the 20th century, movements of haute cuisine emerged: molecular, nouvelle and fusion, all united by a common mission to endow the senses with quality emotion, memory, thrill, pleasure and sophistication.


Aren't gourmet and haute cuisine the same thing? Gourmet cuisine uses quality and sophisticated ingredients and therefore the result is superior in taste, class and high level of execution. Haute cuisine builds on the gourmet concept. It strives not only for food pleasure and quality, but also for creating art from ingredients and products.

Of course, haute cuisine dishes should not only bring quality delight to the palate, but also tear the eyes, provoke thought, inspire the imagination, and even create an entire symphony between their utensils and texture. Haute cuisine discovers a new kind of art through food that contributes not only physically but spiritually. Its masterpieces therefore provoke emotion, passion, feeling, memory, expression, pleasure and are a whole experience. They are also in some ways more appealing than traditional art forms because they can literally be consumed. And to satisfy the need to possess them, the immortal Camera eats first Principle. 😉

Why implement haute cuisine in your establishment?

Thanks to the popularization of haute cuisine by Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants, entirely new phenomena are emerging for the 21st century, such as gastro-travel (gastronomic) and food destinations. That is, if your restaurant offers not just food, but a whole gastronomic experience with the best ingredients, the best quality products, amazing creative techniques, experimentation and innovation in cuisine that suits your unique style, you will be able to attract a new generation as customers, the so-called foodies or foodies. The profile of these customers is:

  • They don't just want to stuff themselves, but to fully enjoy every single crumb.
  • Not only will they be impressed by how the dish is plated, but they will also be inspired and recognize Picasso's Pink Period in it.
  • They seek a holistic experience through nutrition.
  • They want every sense to be caressed and their spirituality and imagination to be flattered.
  • They crave a feast for the senses, and it can be provided by your unique interpretation of haute cuisine!

EOC is your partner in haute cuisine

Don't hesitate to embark on this creative journey. EOC will help you because the concept of haute cuisine is in line with our mission to raise the standard of living in Bulgaria through quality food!

Have you noticed how important product quality is in haute cuisine? Derivatives of this word occur about 10 times in the text, and not by chance. We are proponents of this very important characteristic of the food products we distribute. Our selection is specifically for haute and gourmet cuisine! Because we deliver the quality that makes the difference!

Unforgettable gastronomic adventures can be realised in haute cuisine. Some of the main products that EOC distributes and countless chefs from haute and gourmet cuisine around the world use are:

That's why haute cuisine is not haute math when you have EOC as your partner.

It is a supreme experience! It is a supreme art! It is the supreme manifesto of your culinary talent!





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