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From olives and amore, the Colavita olive oil captured the heart of the show Bon Appetit


Back in 1938, on a hill in the Italian village of Sant'Elia a Pianisi, lived a large and friendly family called Colavita. They all tended their olive crops. After harvesting, they would run the family's squeaky grinder and liquid lustre would flow from the press - the Colavita family's olive oil. Their native craft evolved, lovingly passed down through the generations, until in 1979 their production grew and they began exporting abroad.

These days

The small family business of the Colavita family is now a large producer and exporter of olive oil. Imagine how it enchants the content from Italian amore to achieve such success Colavita. The olive oil company is over 80 years old and has always been family owned, starting with the creaking olive mill. To this day it is Giovanni Colavita who is the CEO of Colavita. For a large and prosperous business, it is a challenge to continue the family tradition of succession - Gucci is a case in point. For Colavita it is a vocation, because good food is the foundation of both good health and a wholesome, happy family. The company will not betray the family values that are passed on not only through the production of olive oil, but also through its taste!

Bon Appetit и Colavita

The most popular cooking show in Bulgaria has recognized our Colavita olive oil as an authentic source of Italian taste. The show, currently airing on 24kitchen, made Colavita the topic of the week in its online edition. Apparently, Laura and Stoyan are fans of quality and that's why they chose our Italian olive oil as a leitmotif on their blog. Stay tuned to Bon Appetit's exciting season to discover what else the culinary duo thinks of Colavita, and also to enjoy the delicious recipes on the cooking show!

Excerpt from Bon Appetit's article about Colavita

"You know, Italians are fickle and endlessly sincere in their love of food. Just a few drops of olive oil can make their taste buds rejoice. For them, pairing olive oil with a dish is like choosing the right wine - they are uncompromising.
Perhaps that's why the kitchen is the heart of every Italian home, and olive oil bottles have a special place in it. Colavita's stand out among them all, and the reason is not just their unique design. Colavita brings the spirit of Italy and is one of the most preferred olive oils both in Italy and around the world for good reason. And because of its undeniable health benefits, many world-class professional athletes choose Colavita as the main source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in their diet.
Today, Colavita offers a wide range of different types of olive oil and the careful taster would be able to sense the particularities of each of them. The hallmark of Colavita Premium Selection for example, is perfectly finished, balanced, attractively full-bodied, delicate and delicate fruity taste, the perfect complement to any dish."

You can read the full article by our friends at Bon Appetit HERE.

Just as the renowned cooking show Bon Appetit appreciates our products, trust us for the unique Italian taste. Because EOC delivers the quality that makes the difference.
Finally we will just say: Prego!