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  • Няма продукти в количката.

Naarmann - a family-owned company from the Münsterland region of Germany with over 115 years of history and four generations of tradition. Specializing in dairy products covering a wide range of milk, cream, desserts and ice cream as well as products for professional kitchens.

Naarmann's cream has been developed according to the professional needs of the HORECA sector and is preferred both for its long-lasting volume and for its consistency and taste.

Corman has been a leading expert in oil production since 1935. In the middle of the last century, the company introduced Fractioned AMF (Dehydrated Milk Fat) and in 1985 patented the first spreadable butter. A few years later, it introduced a product with reduced cholesterol and palm fat-free butter. In 2016, liquid butter, sheet butter (ready for cooking), butter with the Protected Geographical Region seal and lactose-free products entered the market. Corman is a Belgian company, part of the Savencia group, the number 2 dairy processor in France and number 5 in the world.

To Corman's recipes: https://www.corman-pro-artisan.com/en/recipes

Beurre Express Butter - the innovative ready-to-inject sheet butter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMtQ8ClyOj8