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Back Shop Farmer's Round Black Bread 805 g

Типичен селски хляб, приготвен с микс от брашна и квас. Диаметър 21 см.

Pieces in a box: x 9

Storage: -18 С

Applications: baking, confectionery

Manufacturer: Back Shop, Germany

Method of preparation:

Thaw between 150-180min at room temperature, then bake for 15min at 200-220C.



  1. Manufacturer Information:

Back Shop is a German manufacturer of a wide range of high quality frozen bakery products. The company follows the family tradition of baking since 1688. The production concept is focused on the use of strictly selected natural ingredients for the final product.


  1. Technology:

The aim of the deep-freezing technology is to extend the shelf life without the need to use preservatives in the product. Freezing at a temperature of -18 C largely stops the growth of micro-organisms and the loss of vitamins is almost negligible in the product. Back Shop thus provides a shelf life of up to 12 months for its baked goods, and the food ingredients for production are natural and specially selected from the best producer-suppliers.


  1. Advantages:
  • You can prepare a certain amount of the product without having to defrost the entire stock;
  • You save time and money on production while offering a product that is fresh out of the oven;
  • Consistency of quality, taste, flavour and appearance of the product;
  • In the selection of suppliers for production, the company takes into account the quality of the raw material as well as the region and growing conditions - thus ensuring not only the quality but also the safety of the final product.