Bridor Бутер 35.1% Масло, Лист 2 кг - EOS Horeca
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Bridor Бутер 35.1% Масло, Лист 2 кг

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Бутер тесто което отговаря на нуждите на професионалнaлистите в кухнята и улеснява работата им.

Pieces in a box: x 6

Temperature: -18 С

Applications: baking, confectionery

Manufacturer: Bridor, France


Оставете продукта да се размрази на стайна температура за 90 мин.



  1. Manufacturer Information:

Bridor is a French company established in 1988, leading the deep-frozen bakery and croissant segment worldwide. The company is a leader in the coffee & bakery sector and operates in over 80 countries.

  1. Technology:

Bridor products combine natural, eco-friendly ingredients with recipes crafted in the traditions of French baking. Deep-freezing has been used since the distant past as a natural preservation technique. Bridoir's technology involves shock-freezing the product at a temperature of -30 to -40 C, which effectively crystallises the water in the cells. The product is then left in storage at a temperature of -18 С.


It is important to know that deep freezing does not change the qualities of the product, but simply preserves it in a certain state. It works particularly well with products that have a high amount of dry ingredients and a low water content - such as croissants and so-called "Viennese pastries".

  1. Advantages:
  • Original French croissant with butter;
  • Deep freezing does not alter the taste of the product;
  • A product with a long shelf life, which after baking has the taste and aroma of a freshly prepared product;
  • Does not contain additives and preservatives;
  • Quick to prepare, in convenient cuts and consistent taste;
  • It always looks the same.