D&L Майонеза от Пресни Яйца с Лимон 1,100 кг - EOS Horeca
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D&L Fresh Egg Mayonnaise with Lemon 1,100 kg

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Pieces in a box: x 6

Storage: without special temperature mode;

Applications: cooking

Manufacturer: Devos Lemmens, Белгия



Manufacturer Information:


The most popular Belgian mayonnaise was established in 1920 as a family business in Antwerp. Originally, Devos Lemmens (D&L) specialised in home-made canned pickles, eventually creating the now popular fresh egg and lemon mayonnaise.




  • D&L's mayonnaise contains 7.5% of pure egg yolk - compared to most analogues on the market, which contain no more than 5%.
  • The recipe has been authentic since the company's inception;
  • D&L mayonnaise uses pasteurized egg yolks;




  • Original Belgian mayonnaise in a traditional recipe - with 7,5% of pure egg yolk and an authentic rich, full-bodied taste;
  • It is not contraindicated to be consumed by pregnant women due to the pasteurized egg yolk;
  • The authentic recipe passed down for generations guarantees a consistency of quality;


Useful tips:


Preferably, after opening, the product should be stored in a refrigerator to fully preserve its taste.

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