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Goat Cheese with White Mold "Cabrifin" 1 kg

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Pieces in a box: x 2

Storage: +2°C to +6°C

Applications: because of its specific sour taste, goat's cheese is among the most common "antipasto" (appetizers in Mediterranean cuisine) and often finds a place on mouth-watering bites. It goes well with red wine and is suitable for salads, snacks, starters, sauces, main courses, fondues, desserts, etc.

Manufacturer:  Bongrain, France



Manufacturer Information:


Bongrain is a French group of companies producing high quality dairy specialties. The company was founded in 1956 and after 10 years has exported its products all over Europe. Since 1975, it has entered the South and North American markets and since 2000 it has had a presence in Japan, China, Russia, Egypt and India. Today, Bongrain products are sold in over 120 countries and the company is ranked as the fourth largest dairy producer in the world.






The goat's milk is pasteurised, then bacterial cultures and rennet are added and left to ferment for 18 hours. This produces whey, from which the curd is scooped out and placed in special cheesecloth bags to stand for another 18 hours. Salt is added and left at 3 C to cool.