Maffei Талятели с Яйца 250 гр - EOS Horeca
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Maffei Tagliatelle with Eggs 250 g

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Pieces in a box: x 10

Storage: +0 to +4˚C (refrigerate after opening and use within 3 days)

Applications: Italian cuisine

Manufacturer: Maffei, Italy




Manufacturer Information:


Maffei is a family-owned Italian fresh pasta company. The company was founded in 1960 and has gained market presence in North America, Canada, Taiwan and Japan.




Maffei uses durum wheat as the main ingredient for its products, which is why the pasta does not stick after cooking and does not need to be rinsed with cold water. Durum wheat is in turn recommended as healthy for the digestive system because it reduces the risk of obesity. Maffei's pasta has a low glycaemic index (expressing the ability of carbohydrates to increase blood glucose levels) and a high fibre (ballast) content of durum wheat. The final product can be said to have a composition that does not affect (even reduce) 'bad' cholesterol and does not negatively affect weight.




  • A product with a high fresh egg content - over 20%, which gives the product a unique taste and colour;
  • Refrigerated paste packaged in a gas environment, which increases the shelf life to 40 days;
  • Quick and easy way of preparation - boiling takes 3 minutes;
  • It does not stick and does not need rinsing in cold water, which further reduces the preparation time;
  • A product in line with healthy culinary trends and always of consistent quality;