Masdeu Мини Солен Конус със Сусам (Влагоустойчив) - EOS Horeca
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Masdeu Mini Salted Cone with Sesame (Waterproof)

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Ready-to-fill waffle for aperitif or dessert. Cone shaped biscuit base. Ideal for filling and decorating. The product can be filled with sweet or savoury fillings and will stay crispy. The product can be frozen after filling and will stay crisp after thawing. We recommend thawing naturally as the product may lose its crispness with reheating.

Pieces in a box: х 180

Dimensions: 75 x 25mm

Storage: Dry and cool place at a temperature of +16˚C to +18˚C.

Manufacturer: Masdeu, Spain




Masdeu is a Spanish company dedicated to the production of a diverse range of "bases for food." Its portfolio of products is designed primarily for fillings including cupcakes, waffle bases, mini waffle cones and much more.
Its origins are entirely artisanal and date back to 1945 when it started as a family bakery in the town of Puigdàlber, about 40 km from Barcelona. To date, the company exports its products to more than 30 countries worldwide with a special profile in the HoReCa sector.