Pavo Хотдог 1 кг - EOS Horeca
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Pavo Hotdog 1 kg

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Pieces in a box: x 7

Storage: +0°C to +4°C

Applications: hot dogs, sausages, snacks, etc. for hotels and cafeterias

Manufacturer: AIA Spa - S.Martino B.A. (VR), Italy




Manufacturer Information:


AIA is an Italian company founded in the late 1960s, a leading producer of meat products, headquartered in Verona. The company is currently Italy's number 1 producer in the food sector in Europe.




AIA first introduced chicken and turkey frankfurters to the market in 1985, creating the WUDY brand - formulated with over 90% of turkey and gluten-free. The company's suppliers are only Italian meat producers.



  • Strong taste characteristics due to the high percentage of meat content;
  • Suitable for heat treatment - does not crack, tear or break;
  • Wide assortment, convenient packaging and various cuts;