Ponti Сушени Домати 1,550 кг - EOS Horeca
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Ponti Dried Tomatoes 1,550 kg



Pieces in a box: x 6

Storage: in a dry and cool place.

Applications: pizza, sandwiches, bruschetta, platters, etc.

Manufacturer: Ponti, Italy



About the manufacturer:


Ponti is a fifth generation family business started in the 1830s as a wine and vinegar producer in Sizzano (Novara), Italy. From the very beginning, the company has followed a steady course of innovation and production improvement, with a parallel strategy of acquiring competing operations, bringing an ever-increasing market share and establishing Ponti's image outside Italy. In 1941, the company entered the canned vegetables sector and in 1991 began producing balsamic vinegar in the Modena region. Today, Ponti is the largest wine vinegar producer in Europe.