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Singleton's English Cheddar Salty Caramel 1,1 kg

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Pieces in a box: x 2

Storage: 0-5°С

Applications: dessert cheese with a creamy texture and caramel. A unique accompaniment for your white wine.

Manufacturer: Singletons Dairy Ltd. Longridge, Lancashire.



About the manufacturer:


Grandma Singletons is a cheddar cheese producer from Lancashire, UK. The company began as a family business in 1934, founded by Dullia Singleton and in four generations has established itself in over 30 countries.






The company sources its milk from 6 local producers with whom it has worked since its inception. The cheese is made by hand on the farm where Grandma Singleton began operations nearly a century ago.



  • An authentic and tested recipe with nearly a 100 years of history;
  • Cheese made from milk from local producers only (no more than 15km from the farm), which gives the product a distinctive and unique taste;

Useful tips:

  • Cheese which is high in calcium and protein and low in lactose;
  • It is recommended to consume at room temperature.