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Chef Petko Kostadinov

Course: Модерно сладкарство

Venue: Варна

Date: 10-11 февруари 2024 г.

Шеф Петко Костадинов организира успешно за поред път мастър класа си „Модерно сладкарство“. И ние отново го подкрепихме с качествени продукти за сладкарство: гурме шоколад Cacao Barry, сметана Lescure, плодови пюрета Boiron, какаово масло на прах Mycryo за лесно темпериране на шоколад и професионални съставки за сладкари Louis Francois.

Сладкарите в курса изработиха три модерни десерта, като работиха с различни пектини, за да постигнат желаните текстури при работата си с плодови пълнежи. Също така научиха как може да се темперира шоколад, без темперираща машина, с помощта на какаово масло на прах Mycryo. И не на последно място, се потопиха в селекцията премиум шоколади за професионални сладкари Cacao Barry и разбраха кой шоколад е най-подходящ за ганаши, глазиране, мусове, сладолед и т.н.

Шеф Филип Маранд

Course: Мастър клас за френски десерти

Venue: HRC Academy, Sofia

Date: 17-18 януари 2024 г.

Двудневният мастър клас по френски десерти с шеф Филип Маранд бе организиран от ЕОС и нашия партньор за гурме шоколади Cacao Barry.

Шеф Маранд притежава завидна биография: работил в хотел Ritz, печелил най-престижната награда за сладкарство във Франция Charles Proust, международен технически сътрудник в Barry Callebaut, мениджър на всички Chocolate Academies за Източна Азия и Европа.

15 шеф-сладкари от България работиха на hands-on заедно с шеф-Маранд за създаването на 7 уникални десерта: Шарлота, Пистачио тарт, Пари Брест, Кокосов тарт с EVOCAO, Травел кейк, торта Роял и Есенно цвете, направени с бял, млечен и черен шоколад Cacao Barry, плодови пюрета Boiron, Сметана Lescure 35%, Mycryo какаово масло на прах за лесно темпериране. 

Уникално изживяване със световноизвестен и признат шеф-сладкар Филип Маранд, който вдъхнови и доказа на българските сладкари, че работата с качесвтени продукти и модерни техники създава незабравим и впечатляващ краен продукт.

Шеф Анна Джераси

Course: Мастър клас с финалистката от World Chocolate Masters Анна Джераси

Venue: HRC Academy, Sofia

Date: 3-4 октомври 2023 г.

Световната финалистка в World Chocolate Masters Анна Джераси посети България за мастър клас по сладкарство. Бе поканена от нашия доверен партньор шеф Петко Костадинов. Първа в Италия и номер четири в света шоколатиер и сладкар шеф Джераси представи два атрактивни десерта, шоколадови бонбони и шоколадовата скултура, с която е спечелила приза.

Шеф Анна Джераси работи ексклузивно с продукти, предоставени от ЕОС за курса. Тя презентира шоколад за топ професионалисти Cacao Barry, с който работи и в своята сладкарница в Италия. Освен с гурме шоколад, на мастър класа пред българските сладкари тя използва и плодови пюрета Boiron, сметана Lescure 35% и какаово масло на прах Mycryo за лесно темпериране.

Chef Petko Kostadinov

Course: Modern confectionery - Fruit

Venue: HRC Academy, Sofia

Date: 8 and 9 April 2023

At the intensive master class for professional pastry chefs, Chef Petko Kostadinov demonstrated how to whip ganache, hand sculpt and shape the confectionery, how to make fruit fillings, coloring techniques, fruit creams, mousses, cakes, different types of baked goods, glazes, techniques for specific velvet effect, curd, and how to work with cocoa butter.

And all thanks to the quality products provided by EOC such as: 100% Boiron fruit purees, Lescure 35% French Normandy milk cream, Cacao Barry premium French chocolate for top confectioners, Mycryo cocoa butter powder for easy tempering and handling of chocolate, etc. EOC was delighted to be a major sponsor of the event and once again help to develop the confectionery industry in Bulgaria!

Our pastry chef Loni Lazarova attended the master class and finished with honors, winning the ovation with her orange. Orange is our favorite color for a reason. We wish the pastry chefs a long time to harvest the juicy fruits of their work and knowledge!

Chef Petko Kostadinov

Course: Chocolate and chocolates for beginners

Venue: HRC Academy, Sofia

Date: 2nd April 2023

At the beginners' class, Chef Petko Kostadinov showed how tempering chocolate is no longer a mystery, but on the contrary can be easy, enjoyable and fast, thanks to the magic of the revolutionary product Mycryo: pure cocoa butter powder provided by EOS.

The students also learned how to make chocolate from the tree to the chocolate candy, learned about chocolate suitable for home and small industries, tempering chocolate, making chocolate shells, chocolate candies with two fillings, cocoa butter coloring, candy decoration and coloring, working with polycarbonate molds, ganache, fruit fillings for candy and more.

EOC sponsored the event and provided its products free of charge so that the future of confectionery in Bulgaria can develop and grow. The pastry chefs in the course worked only with premium products used by the best professionals in the world. Cacao Barry's Zephyr white chocolate as well as Ghana milk chocolate were the stars of the stage, whose spectacle culminated in the most beautifully shaped, coloured and tasted sweets. Other quality products included Lescure 35% cream, Mycryo pure cocoa and 100% Boiron fruit purees with authentic flavour.

We wish many more conquered chocolate peaks to the confectioners of the course!

Chef Petko Kostadinov

Course: 2-day Master Class "Modern Pastry" 3

Venue: HRC Academy, Sofia

Date: 3 - 4 December 2022

The EOC supports the development of Bulgarian talents in confectionery. We have demonstrated this by our partnership with Chef Petko Kostadinov - a proven professional from a family of pastry chefs and culinary experts. EOC was the main sponsor of Chef Kostadinov's pastry course, providing free of charge premium Cacao Barry chocolate, Lescure 35% professional cream, Boiron French fruit purees.

The focus of the course was: making fruit and chocolate creams; mousses; tempering chocolate; working with cocoa butters; pastry and fruit fillings; cakes; baked goods; different types of icings; chocolate decorations and other modern techniques in confectionery.

The result was impressive: desserts with an amazing look and taste, and the students were fascinated by the products and techniques! We wish them to continue to develop and apply what they have learned with love and joy.

It was an honour and a pleasure to support the future confectioners in Bulgaria with its quality selection for professional confectionery!

Chef Karim Bourgi

Course: 2-day Master Class For Higher Pastry-Making

Venue: Metro Academy, Sofia

Date: 15 - 17 December, 2019

Chef Karim Bourji was born in Senegal to a Lebanese family. At an early age, he already knew what he wanted to do and strictly followed his dream of being a pastry chef, which led him to the renowned culinary institution "Le Cordon Bleu" in Paris.

Karim currently lives and works in Dubai, but also travels constantly to lead trainings and pass on his knowledge and skills to pastry chefs around the world. He has worked as head pastry chef for the Al Mana Group Corporation and was instrumental in opening one of the world's largest confectionery chains in Dubai and Kuwait, La maison du chocolat (The Chocolate House). He also led the project to open the Hermes Paris Cafe at Dubai Mall.

His desserts (creations) have earned him hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide on social media. Currently he is mainly engaged in consulting and leading pastry master classes.

Chef Milen Zlatev

Course: Techno - emotional cuisine

Venue: Tomeco, Sofia

Date: 22 October, 2019.

Chef Milen Zlatev is one of the popular names of the culinary industry in Bulgaria with an extremely rich international experience passing through a prestigious five-star hotel, part of "Starwood Hotels" in Doha, Qatar, the boutique "Villa Ruimzicht," in the Netherlands and the exclusive "Monkey Island," in England.

His career also includes Chef de Partie of "Clos Maggiore" honored as "the most romantic restaurant in London," personal chef of the Algerian Ambassador in Bulgaria and Chef Instructor of HRC Culinary Academy, Bulgaria.

Since 2019 Chef Zlatev is a consultant - presenter at Biorest Ltd., where he leads seminars on Techno - emotional cuisine for professionals from different parts of Bulgaria. He is particularly interested in Molecular Cuisine.

Chef Luca Arguelles

Course: 2-day Master Class Higher Pastry

Venue: Metro Academy, Sofia

Date: 26 - 27 September, 2019

Luca Arguelles is a 36 year old internationally trained pastry chef with 18 years of experience. He has worked in France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Maldives and the UK and is trained in modern pastry with up to date skills in training schools. He graduated with a Higher Diploma from the Alain Ducasse and Yves Thury Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Patisserie (Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Patisserie) and was recently a judge on the TV show "Best Bakery - Portugal". He is an ambassador for Pavoni Italia and does pastry consultancy in restaurants and hotels. He will publish his first book on pastry this May.