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Baked Salmon with Tagliatelle

Weight Ingredients
4 pcs. Wild salmon "Friedrichs" or Salmon "Labeyrie"
310 г "Maffei" thalers
100 г Elle & Vire oil
60 г Grated parmigiano "Zanetti"
20 г Garlic
1 pc. Lemon
300 г Peppers
50 г Parsley
50 г Jojen
20 г Filleted almonds
to taste Olive Oil "Colavita"
to taste Pecorino Romano Zanetti
Preparation of products:
Preheat the oven to 230 °C. Wash and dry the fresh products. Boil salted water in a large pot. Remove the butter from the refrigerator to soften. Chop the peppers. Peel the garlic and, using the flat side of a knife, mash it until it resembles a paste. Remove the parsley stems, wash them. Divide the lemon into four.
Roasting the peppers.
Put the peppers in a baking dish, drizzle them with olive oil and season them with salt and pepper. Stir them until fully mixed, then spread them out in a single row in the baking dish and roast for about 20-22 minutes or until tender. Remove from the oven.
Mix the butter with the spices.
While the peppers are roasting, mix the softened butter, garlic, parsley and juice from all 4 lemon wedges in a small bowl. Using a fork, stir gently to mix everything nicely and make it into a puree, season with salt and pepper to taste.
Prepare the spaghetti.
While the peppers are still roasting put the spaghetti in the pot with the boiling water. Cook for 7-9 minutes or until still slightly crisp. Turn off the heat and remove 115 g of the water in which the spaghetti has been boiling. Thoroughly drain the remaining water from the spaghetti.
Cook the salmon.
While the spaghetti is cooking, pat the salmon dry using a paper towel. Season with salt and pepper on both sides. In a large non-stick frying pan, heat 1 tbsp olive oil over medium-high heat. Place the seasoned fillets in the pan and fry for 3-4 minutes on each side or until browned.
Finish the spaghetti and serve the dish.
Add the roasted peppers, almonds, cheese, half of the butter and half of the water in which the spaghetti was cooked to the pot with the spaghetti. Season with salt and pepper. Put on the stove over medium heat for 1-2 minutes, stirring constantly. If sauce seems dry add remaining water to achieve desired consistency. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Divide the finished spaghetti among four plates and top with a salmon fillet, garnish with the remaining butter.