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  • Всички си спомняме или сме чували за Световното през 94-та година, как сме се радвали и танцували по улиците? На какво ли световно през 2094 г ще се радваме? Сигурно на световно по копане на биткойни? Най-много ни се иска обаче да бъде Световно по шоколатиерство, или World Chocolate Masters. Имаме български шеф-сладкари, които са на световно ниво. Един от тях, шеф Павел Танев се яви на регионални финали за Югоизточна Европа за World Chocolate Masters, впечатли журито и грабна три награди. Шоколадовото дерби на годината World Chocolate Masters е като световно

  • 1. Hi Jana, it is a great pleasure to do this interview. Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you end up in America and how did you make it as a pastry chef there? Hi, it's a pleasure for me as well. I was born in Sofia and at the age of 17 my family and I moved to Mexico. I come from a family of mathematicians and in 2005 I went to the USA on my own to study for a PhD in Computer Science. I have been teaching mathematics at Bakersfield University for 12 years. However, my true calling is to be a chef. I started at a young age helping

  • Interview with Theodore Todorov, Managing Partner of EOC, from Food and Beverage for Tourism "Blue Summer" EOS was founded as a small family company, and today it is well established on the Bulgarian market and demonstrates the face of a sustainable and modern company, working to the highest global standards. Tell us about the most interesting things along the way. The most interesting is yet to come! You know, if we were to ask my parents and my godfather, who founded the company back in 1994, we'd be listening to the story for a few days, but to save us time I'll say that as in any

  • History Back in 1938, on a hill in the Italian village of Sant'Elia a Pianisi, lived a large and friendly family called Colavita. They all tended their olive crops. After harvesting, they would run the family's squeaky grinder and liquid lustre would flow from the press - the Colavita family's olive oil. Their native craft evolved, lovingly passed down through the generations, until in 1979 their production grew and they began exporting abroad. Nowadays The small family business of the Colavita family is now a major producer and exporter of olive oil. Imagine how

  • His Excellency the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium - Frederic Möris, paid a visit to the distribution company EOS. He was warmly welcomed by the entire team of the company. Accompanied by the co-owner and founder of EOS, Mr. Todor Grudev and the Managing Associate, Mr. Theodore Todorov, His Excellency visited the office and warehouse premises of EOS. He praised the distribution company for the excellent and fruitful trade relations with Belgium. EOS imports more than one quality product from Belgium. Our high-class selection of Belgian products includes: - D&L mayonnaise - one of the most famous and used mayonnaises in the world, made

  • Relax - haute cuisine doesn't have much to do with high maths. The former is a sophisticated form of torturing the mind through numbers. Whereas haute cuisine aims for the exact opposite - it is a refined form of delivering pleasure and a holistic experience to the senses through food. Haute cuisine is the mastery of culinary creativity, combining the finest ingredients and products with creative technique and an attitude of food as an unforgettable journey of flavours. Origin Haute cuisine originated in France. It all began back in 1547 when Catherine de' Medici became Queen of France.

  • It is the dream of restaurant owners to hear the clinking of glasses and plates, the joyful noise and the praise for their menu, long after the customers have left. We have no doubt that your establishment is great, but it's always good to evolve and exceed your accomplishments. And if you're a startup entrepreneur like this, you'll need a few helpful tips to improve your establishment. Hire amazing staff We know that finding staff is often a challenge. Your employees are the face, voice and first impression customers have of your establishment. Think about