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Christmas Cupcakes

1. Hazelnut cake
2. Zéphyr™ Caramel coating
3. Salted caramel
4. Assembly
Weight Ingredients
Hazelnut cake
400 г Butter
320 г Zahar
80 г Invert sugar
400 г Eggs
40 г Malt extract
8 г Salt
Switch on at intervals:
300 г Roasted hazelnut
160 г T55 flour
8 г Backpulver
Add a mixture of 160g cubed candied oranges. Mix and fill into silicone cupcake tins. Bake at about 180ºC.
1500 г Zéphyr™ Caramel 35% melted
650 г
Deodorised cocoa butter
400 г Churned butter
500g praline 50% hazelnuts and add to the mixture. Pre-crystallise the coating at about 23ºC and spread on the cakes.
Salted caramel
550 г Zahar
Dry caramelisation 
375 г 35% cream
50 г Glucose syrup DE 60
4 г Fine salt
1 under Vanilla
Deglaze with 210g salted butter Cool to 50°C and add to the mixture. Place in the fridge.
Place Pépites Cacao Zéphyr™ Caramel and candied orange cubes on the side of the cake.
Add some of the salted caramel in the centre.